The Best Online Poker Sites for Linux Users

The most common computer operating system has long been Windows. The number of Mac users trails slightly, but outnumbers Linux users by more than 6 times. For several years, online casinos have focused on developing their games and software for the average person. Because of this, there are very few downloads available for Apple computers, and there aren't any versions available for computers that run the Linux system. There are alternatives though.

People who use a platform other than Windows have several ways to still take advantage of the software intended for this OS. Some individuals choose a dual boot setup so their computer can run on two different platforms, depending on the need. This is a complex option that requires technical knowledge and plenty of hard drive space. Emulators are the most popular choice. Wine is a reliable and free program that works with these types of machines. It translates the API to create a version of the software that is compatible with the other operating system so that any software designed for Windows can work on these platforms as well. No download poker and casino games are another option, as long as the game uses the Java platform rather than Flash.

With these alternatives, Linux users can enjoy the same selection of gambling websites that are available to individuals who use the more popular platforms. Keep in mind, the Linux system does not support Flash, so if you prefer to play no download games in your web browser, you will have to find a site that is powered by Java unless you want to download an emulator that simulates Flash. Ultimately, Wine is the best option for these users. You can take full advantage of the software designed by the casino, including enhanced graphics, interactive features, and, in many cases, additional games. Once you have Wine installed on your machine, you will just need to find the best website to play at. If you're a US resident, your choices are still somewhat limited, even with a good alternative like Wine.

Not all gambling sites accept US players, but there are a growing number that do. Look for an establishment that offers competitive bonuses and ongoing promotions so you can get more out of your deposits, but also pay attention to the types of games that are available, as well as the odds and stakes of each. The available banking options are another important detail, especially for American players. Credit cards are not always an acceptable way to fund your account if you live in the US, so it's a good idea to choose a casino that also accepts other methods. Some e-wallet services are open to Americans, but wire transfers and checks are usually the best ways to make deposits and withdrawals on your account.

Most online casinos and poker rooms create their software for the Windows operating system, but that doesn't mean that Linux users have to miss out on the excitement. With these alternatives, you can enjoy the same internet gambling experience, regardless of your operating system.