Early Position: Know Your Strategy in Poker

The luck and strategy in playing poker should not be only fully dependent with the draw of the cards and your hands since your position in a round can be also advantageous. One of the most effective place to strategize is in an early position. But what does this means? This early position means that in a pre-flop, you are placed to the big blind's left side. But if the flop is done, you are considered to be the first one to do the move first. Being in this location is both a blessing and curse, because by being the first to act, your enemies can read your moves, but if you did the right decision, you are setting benchmark against your competitors. The bottom line is how you will make this place your advantage.

The thing that you should always keep in mind when playing in the early position is to always have a premium hand. Play and bet always with the best hand, but keep some things in mind like do not be over confident by raising all the way. When your hand has small to medium pairs, vary your action with raising and calling. Second, having two big cards will never secure you a win because you may get cornered after the flop. Lastly, try to trap other players by re-raising.

One of your unexpected best friend when placed in an early position is the small pairs. The reason behind this is the fact that once you made your set complete after the flop, you can immediately start how to make the money come out of the hand. If you feel like losing, at least, you can back out without losing a lot.

The most uncontrollable thing in this position is to be misplaced because of certain poker events. When this occurred, better bet especially when you have good cards and many opponents. In this way, you can prevent the bettors hanging and getting cards to have a winning combination for a hand. Lastly, you can check-raise when majority of the players play with aggressiveness. In this case, the larger the money in the pot, the more confident you are that you have the best hand among them.

Lastly, the good thing about playing this card game is that it is not only about offense since you can make a bet that is defensive. For example, when you shed out money that costs 30 % of the total bet, you may prevent your enemy from making big bets. Take note that the bet of any players around the table is vital in your decision.